Before your photo session we will work together to create a shoot list that is tailored to your brand, your personality and your promotional calendar. This ensures that you have the perfect images to accompany all your social media, web and printing copy. 
Your photo session can include more than one location and will also be broken down into different stories.  Do you have a new product line that you want to showcase? Maybe you're about to offer a new service, or do you just want to show your customers what happens behind the scenes?
For Artisans..................
I love working with all kinds of pet related businesses, but I also have a passion for helping those who choose to make their living by mastering traditional arts and crafts. 
I will help you tell your story through authentic photographs which will set you apart from others and attract your ideal clients.
Your unique story
Another great way to connect with people who really "get you" is to share with your audience your unique story.
- What you do for fun - What inspires you to do what you do - How you started - Why you keep going -
And I'm here to help you by creating a unique photo session to accompany your story.
Use the form below to let me know what you need below and we'll plan something unique that will really connect with your audience!
Thank you!

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